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Local UKIP MEP: 'Nissan news is one in the eye for Brexit naysayers'

Jonathan Arnott MEP Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

North-East MEP Jonathan Arnott has claimed that Nissan's decision to build the new Qashqai at their Sunderland plant is 'one in the eye' of Brexit critics.

Jonathan Arnott said:

I am absolutely delighted that these jobs have been secured and this is fantastic news not just for Nissan workers, but also for those working in jobs in the supply chain.

This is a real much needed boost to the local economy.

I wonder how long it will be before we hear the words 'despite Brexit' from those naysayers and doom-mongers who downplay every success and magnify every failure in an attempt to sabotage the will of the people and British prosperity.

They were not slow to try to weaponise Nissan in their fight against the referendum result and this is one in the eye for them. They ought to reflect upon the jeopardy in which they place British jobs when they do so.

This news is not just good news for the North East but the whole country as I have no doubt that the confidence shown by Nissan will be reflected by other companies.

– Jonathan Arnott MEP

North East LEP: "The Nissan workforce are world class and this is absolutely merited"

The North East Local Enterprise Partnership has welcomed the announcement by Nissan saying that the workforce are 'world class'.


What was Nissan promised?

Credit: PA

Questions have been raised about just what assurances Nissan was offered after it was announced they will produce the next Qashqai and will add production of the next X-Trail model at its Sunderland plant.

It's seen as a boost for the North East following the Brexit result.

The company say 'the support and assurances of the U.K. government' made it possible to commit to the two new models at their Wearside plant.

ITV Tyne Tee's political correspondent says Nissan wanted assurances over compensation for any tariffs, access to the single market and freedom of movement for staff.

There are no further details on what the government has promised Nissan in the run up to this announcement.

Labour MP for Houghton & Sunderland South: "I pay tribute to the Nissan workforce"

I am delighted by the fantastic news that Nissan have decided to produce the next Qashqai and X-Trail models at its Sunderland plant, securing the future of more than 7,000 local jobs.

I pay tribute to the workforce, whose role in making the Sunderland plant amongst the most productive in Europe no doubt contributed to this welcome outcome.

Nissan have been clear that this decision follows the UK government's commitment to ensure that the Sunderland plant remains competitive, but have not indicated exactly what guarantees the Prime Minister has offered to protect the company from the impact of Britain's decision to leave the EU, and potentially the single market as well.

As I mentioned during Tuesday's Westminster Hall debate in Parliament, it is imperative that the government also offers protection to the small and medium sized businesses in the Nissan supply chain and the wider manufacturing sector in the north east and beyond.

– Bridget Phillipson MP

NEECC say Nissan news is a 'huge vote of confidence in the North East'

The North-East England Chamber of Commerce have been giving their reaction to the news that two new Nissan models will be built in Sunderland:


Nissan commits following Brexit concerns

Nissan has given a double boost to workers at its Sunderland factory, committing to build its next-generation Qashqai and add production of the new X-Trail model.

There had been concerns about the future of the car giant's plant in the North East after the UK leaves the European Union.

Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn went to Downing Street earlier this month for talks with Prime Minister Theresa May.

He said on Thursday:

"I am pleased to announce that Nissan will continue to invest in Sunderland.

"Our employees there continue to make the plant a globally competitive

powerhouse, producing high-quality, high-value products every day."

Business Secretary: "This is fantastic news for the people of the North East"

Credit: PA

“This is fantastic news for the UK economy, the people of the North East as well as the automotive industry and its supply chain.

“The UK automotive sector has had a remarkable year - exporting over a 1 million cars around the world and today’s announcement underlines the confidence in the sector. The fact Nissan have not only made a long-term commitment to build the next generation Qashqai and Xtrail at Sunderland, but decided to upgrade their factory to a super-plant, manufacturing over 600,000 cars a year, is proof of the strength of the sector.

“This is thanks to our highly-skilled workforce, long-term investment in new technology and innovation and the strong partnership between government and industry as we develop together our Industrial Strategy.”

– Business Secretary Greg Clark

Prime Minister: Nissan news is 'fantastic'

The Prime Minister Theresa May has said the news of Nissan producing the next Qashqai in Sunderland and adding the production of the X-Trail is 'fantastic'.

Nissan say investment in Sunderland will continue in a move that will secure the jobs of more than 7,000 workers at the plant.

“This is fantastic news for the UK. Nissan is at the heart of this country’s strong automotive industry and so I welcome their decision to produce the Qashqai and a new model at their Sunderland plant. “It is a recognition that the Government is committed to creating and supporting the right conditions for the automotive industry so it continues to grow – now and in the future. This vote of confidence shows Britain is open for business and that we remain an outward-looking, world-leading nation. “The Government will continue to work closely with employers and investors in creating a global Britain, a country where there are new opportunities for jobs and rewarding careers. Families across the North East will be delighted at this news today and I share in their enthusiasm for what this means not just for them, but for the whole of the UK”.

– Prime Minister Theresa May
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