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Fears over possible cheaper air fares for Scotland

Management at Newcastle Airport are worried that Scotland may now be given powers to cut Air Passenger Duty, leading to cheaper air fares north of the border.

Graeme Mason, the Planning and Corporate Affairs Director, said Newcastle Airport was more than able to compete if they had a level playing field. But he said cheaper fares in Scotland might lead to many people using Glasgow or Edinburgh airports instead.


Alan Beith MP: 'We must make sure we benefit'

Sir Alan Beith, the MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed said that if powers go to Scotland and the region does nothing, the region could suffer.

"The Government have set a very short timetable to deliver extra powers to Scotland and this is the moment of opportunity. We've got to seize this moment and say at the same time you must make real progress on England, so that the UK as a whole has got a sensible structure of Government. If we let the powers go to Scotland and don't do anything at all then I think the North East will suffer. We must make sure that we benefit from this process."

– Sir Alan Beith MP, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Lib Dem


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Labour to unveil devolution plans 'in coming days'

Labour leader Ed Miliband says his party will lay out proposals for further devolution across the UK in the "coming days".

He said the party already had plans for devolution in England but added "we want to go further".

He appeared to dismiss calls for an English parliament, saying: "I don't think that has actually been proposed but we will look at any proposals the Prime Minister comes forward with."

North East newspapers call for more devolution

The Northern Echo and The Journal

North East newspapers have joined together by printing the same front page. They are calling for more powers and funding to be given to the region.

Peter Barron is the Editor of the Northern Echo:

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