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Family of victims release statement

The family of three people who were shot while on holiday in Turkey say they "cannot comprehend" what has happened.

Anne Bury, 56, was killed in the incident in the fishing village of Dalyan. While her son, Alex, 24, and mother, Cecilia, 87, were both hospitalised.

The Bury family have released the following statement:

"We would like to thank everyone for their warm wishes and condolences at this very sad time.

"Although our family are still deeply shocked and grievingfor Anne, we are pleased to say that both Anne's mother and son are recoveringfrom their injuries and have both been given wonderful care, treatment and support by hospital and consulatestaff and many other local people.

"It appears that the person that Anne employed as a general gardener/handyman, to look after her holiday villas, has committed this terrible crime. We cannot comprehend the mentality of somebody who would do this to three lovely people who would never harm anybody.

"We would like once again to thank everyone for their kindness and offers of help, they are a great source of strength to us. We are sure that you will understand that we would now like peace and privacy at this time so that we can get on with everything we need to do."

– Family of Anne Bury



Ex-employer of Turkey shooting victim speaks out

The former employer of Alex Bury, the son of Catherine Bury, who was killed during a shooting in Turkey has released a statement.

“Everyone at The Cleveland Tontine is extremely shocked and saddened to hear the dreadful news about Alex Bury and his family. Alex worked at the Cleveland Tontine up until last year as a waiter, over a period of five years. He is a delightful young man, a joy to work with and much loved by customers and colleagues alike. We send our heartfelt condolences to all the family and our hopes for a full and speedy recovery to Alex.”

– The Cleveland Tontine

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Turkey shooting accused claims relationship with victim

by - Europe Correspondent

A local gardener is said to have admitted in a court appearance that he was responsible for the death of Anne Bury, who was shot dead while on holiday in Turkey.

Veli Acar claimed that the couple had been in a relationship and he was spurred on by jealousy having seen Ms Bury with another man.

Local gardener Veli Acar has been taken into custody.
Local gardener Veli Acar has been taken into custody. Credit: Albanpix

It is important to stress at this point that this has not been commented on by anybody close to the family.

There is also a lesser sentence in Turkey if somebody is found to be responsible for a crime of passion.



Woman's son 'tried to talk gunman out of killing'

by - Europe Correspondent

According to Anne Bury's son Alex, it was around 5am when he awoke to see a man holding a gun in his bedroom.

He tried to explain that there was a way to move forward without anybody being injured but at that point the man left the room and went in pursuit of his mother.

She is said to have run up flights of stairs and lock herself into a bathroom but shots were fired through that bathroom door and she was killed.

We're told the alleged killer flew into a jealous rage when he saw Mrs Bury with another man but it is important to remember that in Turkey offences viewed as crimes of passion are likely to be punished with shorter sentences and these are the words of a defendant due in court today.

Shooting victim remains in hospital

Alex Bury remains in hospital after the shootings in Dalyan, Turkey Credit: ITV

A man from North Yorkshire remains in hospital after being one of three members of the same family who was shot while on holiday in Turkey.

Alex Bury, 24, was shot along with his mother, Catherine, 56, and grandmother, Cecille, 87, in the same attack in the fishing village of Dalyan. The family had been celebrating Catherine's birthday at their villa when a gardener allegedly opened fire.

Catherine Bury, also known as Anne, died from her wounds while Alex and Cecille were taken to hospital.


Man held after British woman is shot dead in Turkey

A Turkish gardener said to have a grudge against a British family who own a villa there has been arrested after three members of the family were shot. One of them, the owner, Anne Bury, died.

From Turkey, our Europe Correspondent Emma Murphy reports:

The family had apparently reported the gardener to the police the day before, for making death threats, but they let him go.

The villa is in southern Turkey in the town of Dalyan. The family had just celebrated Mrs Bury's birthday around the pool when the attack took place.

Family targeted in Turkey shooting

by Frances Read

Three generations of the same family from North Yorkshire have been shot by a Turkish gunman while on holiday.

The Bury family, from Swainby near Northallerton, were celebrating a birthday at their villa in the fishing village of Dalyan when the gardener allegedly opened fire.

Catherine Bury, 56, has been killed while her mother, Cecille, 87, and son, Alex, 24, were both taken to hospital.

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