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Police investigate tablets in ice cream product

"North Yorkshire Police have been notified that an ice cream product manufactured in North Yorkshire and distributed nationwide for Tesco stores has been recalled due to a pain relief tablet being found within two separate items.

"This has been risk assessed as a low risk to public health and North Yorkshire Police will now be working closely with Tesco, the product manufacturer, The Food Standard Agency and health professionals to establish how and where this contamination occurred."

– North Yorkshire Police

Pain tablets in ice cream could have been put there deliberately

Tesco ice creams that were found to contain pain relief tablets could have been deliberately sabotaged North Yorkshire police say.

An investigation has been launched into suppliers R&R Ice Cream's factory, based in Northallerton.

Tesco recalled boxes of its own-brand chocolate and nut ice creams after tablets were discovered in two cones in November that were sold in different stores.


Support for Northallerton's unemployed

People facing unemployment are being given support following the news Northallerton is facing massive job losses as a result of the closure of its prison and Rural Payments Agency office.

Since then, the Local Area Partnership has started a programme of action.

This includes educating people who face job losses, help people set up their own businesses and helping potential employees network with potential employers.

“It is vital that we act now to support those at risk. RPA and the prison have provided Northallerton with an exceptionally skilled and motivated workforce that any employer would be proud to take on.”

– David Kerfoot, Chair of the Taskforce

“There aren’t many things that I can promise in this line of work, but I promise that if my staff want to attend one of these events, they will be able to. It’s crucial that we do everything we can to support them."

– Dave Munton, Deputy Governor of HMP Northallerton

An event will take place at a JobCentre+ jobs fair on October 17 at the town hall in Northallerton. A second event is planned for October 24.

Body of North Yorkshire woman shot dead in Turkey returned to UK

Catherine Bury was shot dead in Turkey. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

The body of a woman who was shot dead in Turkey has been returned to the UK.

Catherine Bury was shot as she celebrated her 56th birthday at her villa in Dalyan earlier this month.

Her 24-year-old son and 87-year-old mother were also injured by a gunman.

The North Yorkshire family's Turkish gardener has been arrested. An inquest into Mrs Bury's death has been opened and adjourned.

North Yorkshire church prays for Turkey shootings family

Prayers are being said in a North Yorkshire church this morning for a mother who was shot and killed in Turkey last week.

Anne Bury died after a gunman opened fire in a holiday villa in the resort of Dalyan.

Her mother, Cecilia, and son, Alex, were injured.

The family are being remembered at a church service in Swainby where Ms Bury had lived.

  1. Frances Read

North Yorkshire village prays for Turkey victims

A North Yorkshire village has expressed its shock after three members of the same family were shot in Turkey.

Anne Bury, 56, from Swainby, was shot and killed while her son Alex, 24, and mother Cecilia, 87, were taken to hospital after the incident in Dalyan on Saturday.

Prayers were said today at the Church of the Holy Cross, in Swainby where the family have lived for 12 years.


Village pray for Turkey victims

A North Yorkshire village has been praying for three members of the same family who were shot in Turkey.

Anne Bury, 56, who has lived in Swainby for the last 12 years, died after being allegedly shot by a gardener in the resort of Dalyan on Saturday. Anne's son, Alex, 24, and her mother, Cecilia, 87, who were also shot.

Prayers were said for all three at the Church of the Holy Cross, in Swainby. Rev Linda Shipp said: "'I think the majority of people have just been really shocked and upset.

"It's brought the violence of the world into our little village here, which is not something we're used to."

Family of victims release statement

The family of three people who were shot while on holiday in Turkey say they "cannot comprehend" what has happened.

Anne Bury, 56, was killed in the incident in the fishing village of Dalyan. While her son, Alex, 24, and mother, Cecilia, 87, were both hospitalised.

The Bury family have released the following statement:

"We would like to thank everyone for their warm wishes and condolences at this very sad time.

"Although our family are still deeply shocked and grievingfor Anne, we are pleased to say that both Anne's mother and son are recoveringfrom their injuries and have both been given wonderful care, treatment and support by hospital and consulatestaff and many other local people.

"It appears that the person that Anne employed as a general gardener/handyman, to look after her holiday villas, has committed this terrible crime. We cannot comprehend the mentality of somebody who would do this to three lovely people who would never harm anybody.

"We would like once again to thank everyone for their kindness and offers of help, they are a great source of strength to us. We are sure that you will understand that we would now like peace and privacy at this time so that we can get on with everything we need to do."

– Family of Anne Bury
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