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Weather: Clearer and cooler

For over a week now the east of the region has been blanketed in cloud and mist.

Easterly breezes have had us stuck in a rut - blowing in murky conditions from the North Sea.

However tomorrow a cold front will move in from the north. This will initially bring cloud and patchy rain - but behind it follows clearer air.

So at last the sun will shine again!

A cold front brings clearer air

Once the cold front clears an area of high pressure will settle in for Sunday.

This means another calm day - but with clearer skies in the east and fresher temperatures in the west.

High pressure brings brighter weather in the east



Alan Beith MP: 'We must make sure we benefit'

Sir Alan Beith, the MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed said that if powers go to Scotland and the region does nothing, the region could suffer.

"The Government have set a very short timetable to deliver extra powers to Scotland and this is the moment of opportunity. We've got to seize this moment and say at the same time you must make real progress on England, so that the UK as a whole has got a sensible structure of Government. If we let the powers go to Scotland and don't do anything at all then I think the North East will suffer. We must make sure that we benefit from this process."

– Sir Alan Beith MP, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Lib Dem
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