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Olympian's dentist keeps toothbrushes promise

Olympic bobsledder John Baines and his dentist, Paddy Jones Credit: ITV

Olympic bobsledder John Baines has returned to his old school in Ormsby, Middlesbrough, to meet pupils. He has taken his dentist with him. Why? Because when he was young his dentist promised him, if he made it to the Olympics, he would supply every child at the school with a toothbrush.

Every child was given a toothbrush Credit: ITV

Today dentist Paddy Jones kept his word.

Olympic bobsledder John Baines and his dentist, Paddy Jones Credit: ITV


Duel in the Pool for Teesside Olympian

Teesside student Aimee Willmott Credit: Teesside University

A Teesside Olympian is set to take on some of America’s finest swimmers.

Aimee Willmott returned from Denmark this week with a European Short-Course Championship bronze medal, having set a new English national record time in the 400m individual medley.

The Teesside University student has represented Great Britain at both the Olympics and World Championships.

Her success in Denmark came just days after Aimee broke the English national 400m individual medley long-course record.

Aimee is now due to take part in the Duel in the Pool, as part of a European team which will compete against some of America’s top swimmers.

Billed as the Ultimate Swimming Showdown, the US versus European Allstars event takes place on December 20 and 21 in Glasgow.

She will compete in the 200m butterfly, 200m individual medley and 400m individual medley.

Aimee is Middlesbrough’s most successful swimmer since Jack Hatfield a century ago, and hopes to compete in the Rio Olympics in 2016.


Full report: Dame Kelly Holmes visits region

Dame Kelly Holmes is one of our most successful and best loved Olympic athletes. For the past year, the gold medalist has been helping to coach sport students at Gateshead College.

It has been a life changing experience for the young people, who have received a crash course in life at the very top of their field.

Today, at the end of the programme, they have been taking stock of their new skills.

Watch Helen Ford's report here:

Double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes back in region

Dame Kelly Holmes visits students at Gateshead College Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes has been back in the region, passing on tips to aspiring athletes.

The former 800 and 1500 metres star was working with students at Gateshead College.

It is the final visit for Dame Kelly and a team of experts after overseeing a year-long programme to help young people achieve their dreams through physical and mental preparation.

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