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Stockton's very own piece of the Olympics

Preston Park Museum in Stockton has bagged its own piece of the 2012 Olympics - in the form of eighty Victorian costumes from the Olympic opening ceremony.

LOCOG, the organising committee for the Olympics, gave local authorities around the country the chance to get hold of some of the pieces used in the show.

Authorities could then apply for the costumes, and Stockton was one of the lucky chosen few.

The staff at Preston park believe that the costumes will add a greater sense of realism to its popular outdoor Victorian street.


Stockton shows the Olympic legacy isn't just about sport

The 2012 Olympics spurred on more people than ever to get active - but it's legacy isn't just about sporting greatness.

Preston Park in Stockton was recently given eighty costumes worn by actors in the Olympic opening ceremony, which it has been putting to good use to help bring it's Victorian street to life.

Volunteers at Preston Park have been putting the costumes to good use Credit: ITV

Bobsleigher: "It's a chance to prove my worth"

"I'm really looking forward to getting to Canada and competing in the America Cup race, and another America Cup race in Park City in Utah. My main focus for this season is the Junior World Championships."

"The championships are a chance to prove my worth, and an opportunity to really show why I have earned a place in Great Britain team."

– Mica McNeill, the junior British bobsleigh competitor from Blackhill

Hockey stars show off their medals

Beth Storry happily poses for photos Credit: ITV

Olympic Bronze medal winners Beth Storry and Alex Danson have been on Teesside hoping to inspire the next generation of hockey players.

The Team GB players were invited by Marton Furness Hockey Club to attend a training session to attract new members and coach promising players of the future.

Team GB won Bronze in the Women's Hockey Credit: ITV
Alex Danson signs autographs Credit: ITV
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