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Four supermarkets reduce petrol prices from tomorrow

Motorists will be able to buy cheaper petrol tomorrow after four leading supermarkets announced they were cutting prices.

Here are the cuts:

  • Asda are reducing the price of petrol by 2p a litre. Diesel continues at 137.7p a litre.
  • Sainsbury's also announced a petrol cut of up to 2p a litre.
  • Morrisons will cut petrol by 3p a litre and 1p a litre off diesel.
  • Tesco is bringing in a cut of up to 2p a litre.

AA president Edmund King welcomed the cuts, he said: "We predicted these cuts last week, with oil down to its lowest level in a month and the pound gaining on the dollar after its recent fall.

"This is perhaps another glimmer of sunlight for drivers after a hard, wet, pot-holed and expensive winter of driving."

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Campaigners warn fuel customers where their money is going

Campaigners are putting pressure on the Government to cut duty on fuel. The Tax Payer's Alliance and the Petrol Retailer's Association are setting up stands on independent forecourts to ask motorists to lobby local MP's.

Sixty pence in every pound spent on petrol or diesel in the UK goes to the treasury. UK has the highest tax on unleaded petrol in the EU.

Forecourt owners like Allan Glendinning in Prudhoe, in Northumberland, say the situation is desperate.



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