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Warning to Boldon bikers

People in South Tyneside are being urged by Northumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner to report nuisance motorbikers.

Officers have been carrying out extra patrols to tackle anti-social use of motorbikes. It follows complaints about high speeds in the Reginald Street and Sidney Street areas of Boldon Colliery.

"Additional patrols are taking place and we’re working with partners to prevent offences and reduce speeding in the area. "We're working to identify which bikes are involved and who the riders are to ensure they are spoken to and if necessary take positive action – such as seizing the bike and taking enforcement action against the person responsible. "We're keen to tackle the issues of most concern to residents and I'd urge anyone with information to get in touch with us."

– Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Hudson

"I'm committed to tackling anti-social behaviour in all its forms and the illegal use of motorbikes can put people’s lives at risk. "Complaints have been received about the use of bikes in this area, mainly during the day and early evening, and I welcome the police efforts to identify those involved and take positive action. "The help of the public is vital and I’d urge residents to report information about the bikes and people involved so action can be taken to address the issue."

– PCC Vera Baird

Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner: Coroner's service on Teesside must improve

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, Barry Coppinger, has said the coroner's service on Teesside must improve for the sake of grieving families.

Calls have been made for Teesside's coroner, Michael Sheffield, to step down after it was found up to 300 families were waiting for inquests to be held at any one time.

Since then the police who staff his office have provided more workers to help to reduce the backlog.

Mr Sheffield and the police say the service is progressing well and an independent review is being held.

Man jailed for stealing Crime Commissioner's phone

A man has been jailed for stealing a mobile phone from one of the region's most important police bosses.

Barry Coppinger, Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner, was in a café in Middlesbrough before a meeting about retail crime when his mobile phone was taken out of his pocket.

He reported the theft to police, and an investigation began which included looking at the café’s CCTV footage.

A still was taken from the footage and placed on the Cleveland Police daily briefing pages, where a police officer recognised the man and arrested him. He was then charged with the theft.

The 32-year-old from London pleaded guilty to theft at Teesside Magistrates’ Court on Friday and was sentenced to eight weeks in prison.

“Thanks to the good security in the café and quick thinking of the officer concerned, this man has been brought to justice swiftly.

“Clearly it’s not the type of thing you expect to happen, but I would urge other people to make sure you keep valuables in a safe place if you are carrying them round with you.”

– Barry Coppinger, Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner