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Police officer who wore 'I love weed' hat set to learn his fate after gross misconduct ruling

North Yorkshire Police headquarters Credit: PA / Tom Wilkinson

A North Yorkshire police officer who wore an "I love weed" woolly hat on duty and scribbled "puerile" abuse on a CV during a probe into an allegation of child abuse is set to learn his fate following a disciplinary hearing.

A panel ruled Pc Simon Ryan of North Yorkshire Police was guilty of gross misconduct after he wrote "paedo" and "paedophile" on the document to amuse colleagues.

The hearing at the police headquarters is the first disciplinary the force has held where the public and press are allowed to attend.

Pc Ryan was due back before the panel on Tuesday to hear the outcome. He could be sacked from the force.

Pc Simon Ryan hearing: Why are police misconduct hearings now held in public?

PC Simon Ryan was sacked after appearing before a disciplinary panel at North Yorkshire Police headquarters.

The hearing was the first to be held by the force in public. It's part of a new law that aims to make police misconduct hearings more open.

They include:

  • Requiring disciplinary hearings are held in public
  • Ensuring the chair of the hearing is legally qualified - previously a police officer would be in charge.
  • Protecting police whistleblowers from unfair disciplinary action
  • Allowing compensation to be withheld from chief officers who are found guilty of misconduct

When announced Home Secretary Theresa May said the laws would "ensure that the system is accountable, transparent and easy for the public to understand".

She said:

These reforms, alongside the range of other measures will completely overhaul the police complaints and disciplinary systems to ensure that the system is accountable, transparent and easy for the public to understand.

The public need to have confidence that the complaints system is fair and effective and that the disciplinary system effectively holds corrupt officers, or those who are guilty of misconduct, to account for their actions."

– Home Secretary Theresa May


Hearing into North Yorkshire PC Simon Ryan told he admits misconduct but denies gross misconduct after accused of wearing hat saying 'I love weed'

A North Yorkshire PC accused of wearing a wooly hat saying 'I love weed' while on duty has admitted misconduct.

A three day-hearing started today at North Yorkshire Police headquarters.

ITV Tyne Tees reporter Gregg Easteal tweeted PC Simon Ryan has admitted misconduct but denies gross misconduct.


Police Officer faces hearing over 'I love weed' woolly hat

A North Yorkshire Police Officer, accused of going on patrol wearing a woolly hat with the slogan 'I love weed', is facing misconduct charges.

A three day hearing into the allegations is due to begin at North Yorkshire Police Headquarters today.

PC Simon Ryan faces allegations that, "whilst on duty at Northallerton police station he wore a black woolly hat stating 'I love weed' or words/pictures to that effect. Despite being advised to remove the hat, he resumed wearing the hat whilst on mobile patrol."

The force alleges that PC Ryan's conduct amounted to a breach of professional standards.

Prisoner escapes on motorbike from hospital visit

Credit: PA

A prisoner from HMP Northumberland escaped on a stolen motorbike whilst attending a hospital visit.

Police were called to Cramlington Hospital in Northumberland at 6pm on Friday.

The prisoner, a 36-year-old man who had received treatment and was with prison staff, was leaving the hospital when he ran off. He subsequently escaped on a motorbike which he had stolen.

Officers found the prisoner and the stolen motorbike at an address in Wallsend at 8pm the same evening.

One man aged 36, has been arrested on suspicion of escaping from lawful custody, two others a man aged 27 and a woman aged 25, have both been arrested on suspicion of assisting an escapee.

Cash stolen from 70-year-old in Richmond

Police in Richmond are appealing for information after a 70-year-old man had a large amount of cash stolen from his home by a sneak-in burglar.

The theft happened in Parkinson's Yard, Richmond between 1pm and 5pm on the afternoon of Monday April 4.

The suspect(s) got into the house through an unlocked front door and stole the cash from inside his home.

PC David Bowley of Richmond Police said:

"This was a callous crime targeted at a pensioner who was trusting enough to leave their front door unlocked, pending the arrival of an expected caller. I am appealing to anyone with any information about the burglary or knows who is responsible to contact us. It is also a timely reminder of the importance of keeping your doors locked at all times - even when you are at home - particularly now the lighter nights are with us, and people are more likely to be outside."

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