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Grant proposed to extend volunteer railway

Cllr Robson, Cllr Carl Les and Nigel Park, General Manager of Wensleydale Railway Plc Credit: Hambleton District Council

A project to extend a major transport link across Hambleton has won the backing of district councillors.

Cabinet members are recommending that a grant of £40,000 be awarded to the Wensleydale Railway Association to help open up the line between Northallerton and Leeming Bar.

The cash would be used in a £51,000 scheme to upgrade the railway infrastructure, create a new temporary platform at Northallerton West and provide a passenger service.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Mark Robson, said: “By opening up a passenger line between Leeming Bar and Northallerton, employment opportunities for the two areas will be boosted,”

“Last year the association saw 45,000 passengers use its trains and, with the Tour de France this summer, expect that figure to rise considerably.

"Opening up the new link is expected to add another 12,500 users this year."

Hambleton’s Full Council will be asked to approve the grant aid next week.



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Meeting to discuss campaign for new railway station

The Conservative MP for York Outer Julian Sturdy will be meet with residents from Haxby and Wigginton to discuss with them their campaign for a train station in Haxby.

The meeting is part of an ongoing campaign to open a new station in the village, on the Scarborough Line, so that local residents have a fast, direct service into York and vehicle congestion in the area is reduced.

The village has been without railway links since the 1930s, when the old Haxby Railway Station was closed.

Cameras installed on Metro crossing

Level-crossing on the Tyne & Wear Metro Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Safety cameras have been installed on level-crossings to catch drivers who are risking their lives by going through red lights.

The cameras at Kingston Park and Bank Foot Metro stations will capture a vehicle's number plate if it passes through when the warning lights are flashing.

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