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Eggs thrown at council meeting in Middlesbrough

A number of eggs were thrown at the Mayor of Middlesbrough, Ray Mallon, during a council meeting this afternoon. Mr Mallon condemned the behaviour of a "mob", which he said was attempting to "hijack democracy".

The outburst happened during a meeting of Middlesbrough Council's Executive, which was discussing plans to close Southfield Road permanently to make way for a proposed extension of Teesside University.

The public gallery was cleared after the eggs were thrown. In a statement released afterwards, Ray Mallon blamed " a small section of the Asian community" for the disturbance.

The throwing of eggs and the use of foul and abusive language at a Council meeting is outrageous, and I want the public to know how these people behave when they don’t get their way.

“People who behave like this don’t understand or uphold democracy – their intention is to disrupt it.

“This was disgraceful behaviour by a small section of the Asian community whose only aim is cause trouble, and threaten and intimidate those who stand in their way.

– Ray Mallon

'Robocop' tackles man on day off

A Middlesbrough politician and former detective dubbed "Robocop" has told how he wrestled a man to the ground outside an exclusive shop.

Middlesbrough's elected mayor Ray Mallon put a man in a headlock and held on with the help of two female shop assistants until police arrived.

Officers in Edinburgh arrested a man on Saturday afternoon.

Mr Mallon, who was on a day-trip to the Scottish capital, was outside the Laing jewellers when the incident occurred.

"I was visiting Edinburgh for the day and enjoying a bit of window shopping.

"I was looking at some watches in the window of a jeweller's shop when I noticed a commotion inside.

"Suddenly a man came sprinting out the door with two assistants chasing after him.

"What happened next was instinctive, it took me back to the old days.

"I stepped across the man and we grabbed hold of each other and wrestled for a few seconds.

"I managed to get him in a headlock and we ended up on the ground.

"The two female assistants showed great courage and deserve a lot of praise. The man was shouting and trying to get away but they did a great job helping me to restrain him until police arrived and took him into custody."

– Ray Mallon, Mayor of Middlesbrough

Mr Mallon was a senior detective with Cleveland Police and in the 1990s was feted by both Labour and Tories for pioneering a zero tolerance strategy in Middlesbrough.

He won the Robocop nickname for his no-nonsense approach to crime.


Middlesbrough cuts are 'too deep, too quick and savage'

Mayor Ray Mallon has described the Middlesbrough Council cuts as 'savage' and says ‘zero hours’ contracts have never been an option.

Changes to November’s proposals include an increase in the funding for Community Councils from £500 to £750 per year, and the withdrawal of a proposal to reduce Trade Union facility time.

The will save over £5million by making greater use of IT.

"I’m grateful to those who contributed to the consultation, and their feedback has assisted me greatly in reassessing my original proposals.

“However it remains the case that this Council must change almost beyond recognition and people will see a reduction in services and a change in the urban environment.

“It has been clear from the outset that the cuts imposed on us are too deep, too quick and savage, but we have no choice but to find these savings if we are to balance the books."

– Mayor Ray Mallon

Middlesbrough Council: Where the axe will fall

Middlesbrough Council has to save £15million and Mayor Ray Mallon has announced where the axe will fall.

There will be 40 cuts, including the closure of council-run facilities and significant reductions to services in environment, leisure and social care. Wardens, parking enforcement officers and neighbourhood enforcement teams will merge.

Clairville Stadium, the Middlesbrough Teaching and Learning Centre, the TAD Centre and the Register Office will close.

Grass cutting, grounds maintenance and litter picking services will reduce.

Middlesbrough Council cuts and job losses

Mayor Ray Mallon has recommended cuts of nearly £15million to Middlesbrough Council’s budget for the forthcoming financial year, and the loss of 300 jobs. He outlined the plans at a meeting on January 20, following a six week consultation.

The cuts are on top of the £40million already cut from the council's budget over the last three years. Middlesbrough is required to save more than £67million over the next three years.


Middlesbrough must save £70m

The Mayor of Middlesbrough, Ray Mallon, will be speaking to councillors about what is being described as 'the biggest challenge' in the authority's history.

It has to save nearly £70million from its budget over the next three years. Up to 1,500 jobs could go - that is around half of the work force. Ray Mallon will speak at a meeting of the full council. He is due to reveal his full list of proposed cuts for the next financial year in November.

Middlesbrough mother gave 13-year-old daughter ecstasy for birthday

A mother gave her daughter three ecstasy tablets for her 13th birthday present, Middlesbrough's elected mayor has said.

Tough ex-detective Ray Mallon, formerly known as RoboCop, was speaking out about problem families in the town, where he leads the council.

"Many of these children are in care due to neglect because of poor parenting.

"There was one where a mother gave a 13 year-old child ecstasy tablets - you know, hard drugs - for her birthday. I just despair.

"One family costs £600,000 a year due to numerous interventions by the council and our partner agencies."

– Ray Mallon, Mayor of Middlesbrough

Mr Mallon, who has been elected Middlesbrough's mayor three times, said there were 360 children in care in the town.

The Government has set up the Troubled Families programme so authorities and their partners can help 120,000 households in England turn their lives around by 2015.

Mr Mallon was feted by politicians in the late 1990s when he adopted a zero tolerance stance against crime while a detective superintendent with Cleveland Police.

He was elected on an independent ticket in 2002, and will stand down in 2015.