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Mystery of the wreckage of a yacht washed up on Redcar beach

The coastguard team in Redcar are looking for help in identifying the wreckage of a yacht which has washed up on the beach in the town.

They received a call just before 11am this morning to a section of the beach between Green Lane and Granville Terrace.

There have been no Mayday calls today - and no person or boat reported missing.

At the moment it's no known who the boat belongs to - but the coastguard are urgently trying to trace potential owners to eliminate the possibility that there are people missing at sea.

It's an O'Day 22 make and is blue, red and white and has Hartlepool written on the stern.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact the Humber Coastguard on 01262 672317.


SSI Steelworkers at EU steel summit demo to 'Save our Steel'

Steelworkers gather in Westminster last month to prevent further job losses in the UK steel industry Credit: PA

Steelworkers affected by the closure of the SSI steel plant in Redcar have travelled to Brussels to urge the business secretary, Sajid Javid and the European Council to take urgent action to stop the dumping of cheap Chinese steel.

Ministers from EU member states are to discuss the challenges faced by the EU steel industry, which has been suffering from falling metal prices, resulting in mass job losses across the country,including 2,000 at the SSI plant in Teesside.

Sajid Javid called for the summit after meeting EU Commissioners last month in Brussels Credit: PA

The meeting comes amid growing pressure on the UK government over its failure to step in to assist the country's crisis hit steel industry, which is being hammered by a flood of subsidised Chinese steel and energy tariffs double that of their European competitors.

SSI: Anna Turley responds to Steelworker Task Force fund

Redcar MP Anna Turley has responded to the latest support package for former SSI steelworkers:

I am pleased this funding has finally arrived from central government after weeks of waiting which has caused frustration and anxiety for many families.

Since the promise of £80 million was made several weeks ago, it has shrunk to £50 million and numerous obstacles to accessing it have been put in our way by Whitehall. I am relieved we can now get on with making sure this support gets to the workers, their families, and the local businesses who need it.

I know the local taskforce have put in a lot of work preparing these support schemes and my focus now will be ensuring it is delivered. With Christmas fast approaching, it is vital steelworkers and their families are not left struggling."

– Anna Turley MP


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