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Two bodies found after kayakers go missing

Two bodies have been recovered as part of a search and rescue operation after three kayakers went missing last night in the River Tyne, Northumberland, said police

A major search and rescue operation is under way on a riverside after a group of kayakers are believed to have gone missing.

Rescue teams have been joined by a Sea King helicopter and the fire service as they search the scene.

HMS Tyne visits home river

HMS Tyne docked in her home river today for a five day visit.

The offshore patrol vessel is used for maritime security around the UK coast. As well as boarding fishing vessels and checking on catches, it's recently been involved in salvage work and last week responded to a mayday from a French fishing boat.

The officers say the 35-strong crew always look forward to rest time in her home port.

Lieutenant John Paul Fitzgibbon, second in command of HMS Tyne, spoke about the visit.


Flood alert for River North Tyne

The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for the River North Tyne.

Flooding is possible for River North Tyne and its tributaries from source to the confluence with the River Tyne early to mid-afternoon today. Low lying land and roads will be affected first.

MP appeals for funding for River Tyne clean-up

The government says there isn't enough money to clean up tar from the River Tyne which one Newcastle MP believes is threatening people's health.

Nick Brown wants pollution from an old industrial site in the Walker area of the city to be stopped.

However, that would cost as much as two million pounds - which the local council simply doesn't have.

Mr Brown tried to appeal for government help in parliament today.


Monument airlifted in to mark source of North Tyne

A new stone monument has been erected to mark the source of the River North Tyne.

Two massive sandstone blocks were airlifted onto the hillside near Kielder Reservoir in Northumberland. The obelisk will also mark the beginning of a 150 mile charity walk between the source of the river and the mouth of the Tyne.

An RAF Chinook lifts in the massive stone blocks Credit: ITV News
The stone block is safely landed Credit: ITV News
The finished monument Credit: ITV News

Warships leave for the open sea

Six NATO warships that were moored on the Tyne have left for the open seas.

They arrived on the river on Friday to take a break from training exercises in the North Sea.

The command and control vessel from the Belgian Navy - and five mine-hunters - were moored at Spillars Wharf and open to the public over the weekend.

Six NATO warships moored on the Tyne have left for open sea Credit: ITV
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