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Missing angler: more join search

Police and mountain rescue teams in Scarborough have joined the search for an angler who hasn't been seen since he went fishing yesterday (January 30).

The man was reported missing last night when he failed to return home. His two dogs were found by the cliffs near the village of Burniston.

Officers and volunteers have moved the search inland, along an area known as Clifftop Pass, while lifeboat crews were stood down earlier.

Jon Hill has been at the scene.


Search for missing angler

RNLI continues the search for a missing fisherman

A massive land and sea search is taking place off the North Yorkshire coast to find a missing angler.

The man had been angling at Hundale Point, near Scarborough, but failed to return home at 9:30pm Thursday when planned.

Humber Coastguard is currently coordinating a search and rescue operation after the man’s wife informed police.

A search and rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer, RNLI inshore and offshore lifeboats from Scarborough, along with Coastguard rescue teams, are currently on scene.

Mike Green, Watch Manager at Humber Coastguard, said: “The search has been taking place since 4am and we are focussing on searching an area of coastline two miles either side of Hundale Point and two miles out to sea.

“It is quite a complex operation, as the local coastline has very steep, craggy cliffs.”

The missing man’s two dogs are alive at the scene and are being recovered by coastguard rescue teams.

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Lifeboat and helicopter search for missing angler

A lifeboat and helicopter have been deployed to search for a missing angler near Burniston, just north of Scarborough in North Yorkshire.

RNLI called out to more than 1,000 rescues

One of the RNLI crews Credit: ITV News

More than 1,000 people were rescued by North of England RNLI lifeboat volunteers in the last year.

It is thought that the summer months were the busiest because of the hot weather.

Statistics issued today show there were 1,028 rescue launches from the charity's 33 lifeboat stations in the north of England last year.


Fire on board fishing trawler

Fire crews met the trawler as it was brought into the Tyne Credit: Adrian Don, RNLI

A fishing boat with six crew has been escorted to the River Tyne after a fire broke on board. The trawler, Replenish, was fishing for prawns 30 miles off the Northumberland coast.

The fire broke out in the galley of the boat Credit: Adrian Don, RNLI

A lifeboat from Amble went out to Replenish but the crew had managed to put the fire out. She was escorted to North Shields and met by fire crews to make sure the blaze was completely extinguished.

Fire crews vented the boat of smoke using powerful fans Credit: Adrian Don, RNLI

The six fishermen were fed and looked after by the Fisherman’s Mission.

RNLI teams rescue pier-leap pitbull

RNLI crew members rescued a pit bull from the sea in County Durham after the dog jumped into the water from a pier. They stopped its owner from jumping in to save the dog at Seaham on Saturday.

A passer-by had called 999. The Seaham Coastguard Rescue Team and the Sunderland RNLI inshore lifeboat crew pulled the dog to safety.

"The owner was worried about her pet and told emergency services that she was going to enter the water to try to rescue her dog.

"This is something we strongly advise against, as you are likely to get into difficulty yourself.

"We find that most dogs manage to get themselves back to shore safe and well, but some owners do not.

"We'd also encourage owners to keep their pets on a lead. But if they do enter the water or fall down a cliff edge, please call 999 straight away and ask for the Coastguard."

– Graham Dawson, Watch Manager at Humber Coastguard

"Although primarily we are here to rescue human life we are happy for our assistance to be extended to animals, particularly as it can be so tempting for owners to enter the water putting themselves in a great amount of danger."

– Helmsman Ian Rowan
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