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Victim of alleged abuse demands justice

One of the victims of alleged sexual abuse at a Roman Catholic School has spoken out to demand justice for himself and other former pupils.

Graham Baverstock has given up his right to anonymity to describe what he says happened to him at St William's School near Middlesbrough, when he was a boy.

Today the Supreme Court is hearing a case to decide how much compensation the Roman Catholic Diocese of Middlesbrough must pay to victims of the alleged abuse.

St William's closed in 1992 and the headteacher, Father James Carragher, was jailed for sexually abusing young boys.

The school's nominal employers, Middlesbrough Diocese, was ruled to be liable to pay compensation to the alleged victims.

But the diocese argues the school was staffed by a Catholic order of lay teachers called the De La Salle Institute, which should foot part of the bill.

Former alleged victims say the delay is a further insult to their childhood ordeal.