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Landslip 'still unsafe to even measure'

Residents cut off by a landslip on a road near Rothbury in Northumberland say the ground is still too unstable to assess the damage. Sean and Lou Renwick live at Cragend Farm near the B6344 which has been slipping since December. Sean said,

"The landslip continues to move. It's still unsafe to even measure the ground at the moment, estimates are that the road will now be closed for 2 years. It means that Cragend Farm is now cut off from its Plantation which supplies wood fuel to the farm. "

– Sean Renwick, resident at Cragend Farm near Rothbury

Farm cut off from Rothbury after landslip

The B6344 at Rothbury was closed in December due to a landslip Credit: Cragend Farm

Residents in Northumberland could be cut off from Rothbury for at least the rest of the year following a landslip in December. Cragend Farm is one property near the town affected by the damaged B6344.

Local councillor Steven Bridgett says the diversion is costly to local people and businesses. The council has applied for a central government grant to help pay for repairs.


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Rothbury road could remain closed for a year

The road is continuing to give way over time after the landslip Credit: Steven Bridgett

Engineers have told Northumberland County Council that a road that has been closed due to a landslip could take more than a year to fix.

Slippage is expected to continue on the Rothbury road Credit: Steven Bridgett

Experts say the ground under the B6344 near Rothbury is still moving and that more slippage is likely.

They say that the road will remain closed until it is reconstructed - which could cost more than one million pounds.

It could cost up to one million pounds to fix the road Credit: Steven Bridgett

Road closed after major landslip

A landslip has caused part of a road to collapse near Rothbury in Northumberland.

The damage to the B6344 happened on Boxing Day.

Concrete barriers have been put in place to prevent drivers from using the road.

The land is still moving, and diversions have been set up.

The road between Rothbury and Pauperhaugh is expected to remain closed for several weeks.

The road is continuing to give way over time after the landslip Credit: @blefuscu74
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