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Kielder 10k attracts twice as many runners this year

Runners are flocking to Kielder ready for the marathon. The Kielder 10K and Kielder Run-Bike-Run events both begin at 1pm on October 6. There are almost 550 people taking part in the 10K, twice as many as last year. For the first time, the event is full.

The Run-Bike-Run is a relay event where 40 teams of three tackle the marathon distance split into three parts: an 11km run, a 26km bike ride and a 5km run.

Yukon runner tells of experience

Tim Williamson, a lab technician from Newcastle has completed the worlds toughest race - the Yukon Arctic Ultra in Canada.

The 300-mile challenge through sub zero temperatures can be completed by running, cycling or skiing.

Tim opted to run - dragging his sled and all his equipment behind him.

Frostbite and hypothermia were a constant threat and he endured the pain of a stress fracture in his leg during the race.

And he ended up finishing second.

We'll be speaking to Tim in our 6pm programme.