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Allardyce: 'I don't know what else we can do'

Sunderland drew 0-0 against West Brom yesterday (Saturday, April 2) - but not for lack of trying.

The Blackcats bombarded the goal, particularly in the second half, but just couldn't break through the last line of defence - goalkeeper Ben Foster.

Speaking after the game, Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce said: "I don't know what else we can do, I don't know what else I can say."

Watch Allardyce's reaction to yesterday's game here:


Johnson appeals conviction of sexual activity with a child

Adam Johnson Credit: PA

Former Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson has officially lodged an appeal against his conviction for one count of sexual activity with a child, Bradford Crown Court has confirmed.

The 28-year-old is also reported to be appealing his six year prison sentence, which was imposed last week for two counts of sexual activity with a child, and grooming.


Adam Johnson was arrested over extreme pornography

Adam Johnson Credit: PA

Adam Johnson's jailing means it can now be reported the former England footballer was also arrested for possessing extreme pornography.

Images, thought to be of a "jokey nature" but bestiality-related, were found on his computer.

The arrest was mentioned in hearings at Durham Crown Court prior to Johnson's trial for engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.

The ex-Sunderland winger has been jailed for six years for engaging in sexual activity with a besotted 15-year-old fan.

Police confirmed he has now been released from his bail in relation to the extreme pornography matter and no further action will be taken.

NSPCC: Premier League or Sunday League - child safety must be top priority

A children's charity has called on everyone to make child safety a priority "whether you're Premier League or Sunday League" following the sentencing of former England footballer Adam Johnson.

The NSPCC, which described Johnson's behaviour as "horrifying" and "inexcusable", has sent a letter to the Football Association expressing concerns about a potential "cultural problem" within the sport.

In the letter, the charity said it was concerned about the approach taken by Sunderland Football Club when confronted with a serious child protection issue.

"We are worried this could be a cultural problem within football as a whole and find it concerning clubs may not see incidents such as these as a child protection issue.

This is not only about one rogue player that behaved badly, but a club that seemingly did not have child protection priorities embedded into their culture. It was not equipped to handle these allegations and seemingly did not deal with them appropriately, or indeed seriously."

– NSPCC letter

Defence: "Adam Johnson does not pose a significant risk of harm to children"

Adam Johnson Credit: PA

Orlando Pownall QC, who has been representing Adam Johnson throughout his case, spoke to the court ahead of the sentencing of the former footballer.

This is what he had to say.

Orlando Pownall QC

"He has lost a lucrative career he will never be able to retrieve.

He has been stripped of his England caps. He has been made the subject of national humiliation and these are all aspects of punishment that arise from his pleas and conviction."

He added that Johnson's conduct towards women

", and could properly be described as deplorable".

The QC added:

"He does not pose a significant risk of harm to children, for (victim) was not selected on her age but despite her age."

He said that despite the huge publicity surrounding the case, no other underage girls have complained about Johnson.

"This is not the case of a predatory paedophile who has sought out children for sexual purposes."

"This was an aberration.

There is no reason to suppose that, given the experience that Mr Johnson has had, that he would contemplate using the internet in the future to contact those below the age of consent."

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