McBusted announce Scarborough tour date

Pop supergroup McBusted have announced that they will take to the stage for one night only at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre on 27 June.

Have you seen missing Josh Greaves?

Police are appealing for the public's help to find a missing teenager who is believed to be in the Scarborough area.

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Search continues for absconded prisoners

Police are continuing to hunt for two inmates who went on the run from Hatfield prison in Doncaster.

Damien Burns and Dean Jackson absconded from prison in Doncaster
Damien Burns and Dean Jackson absconded from prison in Doncaster

Thirty nine year old Damien Burns, who's originally from Scarborough, and twenty seven year old Dean Jackson, who's from Newcastle-upon-Tyne absconded from the open prison on Monday.

Police have warned the public not to approach the pair.

Inspector Andy Everitt from North Yorkshire Police said: "As Burns is originally from Scarborough, it is possible that he may return to the town. I believe that he is a dangerous man and if you see him, do not approach him. Instead contact the police immediately and tell us where he is."



Police warn public not to approach absconded convicts

Police in South Yorkshire are warning the public not to approach two men who absconded from prison in Doncaster.

Damien Burns, 39, originally from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and Dean Jackson, 27, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, absconded from HMP & YOI Hatfield on Monday evening.

Damien Burns absconded from prison in Doncaster
Damien Burns absconded from prison in Doncaster

The pair are not thought to have any ties in South Yorkshire so officers believe they may be trying to make their way back to their home towns.

Burns was serving an indeterminate sentence, since 2007, for a knifepoint robbery and Jackson was on remand awaiting a sentence for a theft related matter.

Dean Jackson absconded from prison in Doncaster
Dean Jackson absconded from prison in Doncaster

Anyone who sees either of the men is asked not to approach them and to contact police immediately.

Prisoners abscond from Doncaster jail

Police are asking for help in finding two men who have absconded from HMP & YOI Hatfield in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

39-year-old Damien Burns, originally from Scarborough, and 27-year-old Dean Jackson from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, absconded from the open prison on 19 May.

Officers believe they may be trying to return to their home towns since they do not have any known connections in South Yorkshire.

Burns has been serving an indeterminate sentence since 2007 for a knifepoint robbery and Jackson was on remand awaiting a sentence for a theft-related matter.

Damien Burns from Scarborough
Dean Jackson, from Newcastle

Missing woman 'could be in Scarborough'

Eileen Hill

There is concern for the safety of a Chesterfield woman who North Yorkshire Police say could be in Scarborough.

Eileen Hill, 37, has been missing for a week. She was last seen at her home on April 29.

Ms Hill took a taxi from Chesterfield to Sheffield on April 29. She was dropped off on West Street at the junction with Rockingham Street.

Police search for missing Scarborough man

Police searching for a man who has been reported missing from his home in Scarborough are appealing for the public’s help to find him.

29-year-old Kevin John Hey has not been seen since the early hours of Monday 31 March, and officers are becoming concerned for his safety.

Police are making enquiries in the Scarborough area and are urging the public to look out for him.

Kevin is described as white, around 5ft 2in tall, with a medium build, green eyes and short brown hair.

Kevin has mobility issues and walks very slowly.


Distinctive items stolen in Scarborough burglary

Two silver candelabras,

Police investigating a house burglary in Scarborough have issued photos of some distinctive items which were stolen.

Antique clock

The house, in the old town area of Scarborough, was burgled while the owners were away between 9 and 12 March.

Two silver candle sticks with candle snuffers

Other stolen items include three silver baby rattles, a green marble chess set, ten silver napkin rings, six silver condiment pots, a digital camera and a silver corkscrew.

Seven cut crystal dressing table pots with silver tops

Detective Constable Jeremy Pratt of Scarborough CID, said: “The stolen goods are quite distinctive, in particular the clock, of which there are not many in circulation, particularly in the Scarborough area. As well as being distinctive, the items are also of great sentimental value to the owners."

'Depressed' penguins pick up after sunny spell

Penguins at Scarborough's Sea Life Centre hit the headlines last month when they were given a course of anti-depressants to cheer them up after several weeks of wet weather.

Now their owners have the best sign yet that spring has made the penguins happier - they have found a freshly-laid egg.

penguin pairs
Breeding is a good sign of penguin pick me up Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

“Our prayers were finally answered and the arrival of spring has certainly worked its magic on our penguin family,” said Lyndsey Crawford, a supervisor at the centre.

“There is no surer sign that they are feeling chipper again than the resumption of breeding activity.”

Penguin pairs
The Humboldt penguins pairing up to breed Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

The egg was laid by a female called Pinky and is the first this spring, although there are signs that another female, called Piglet, may be about to produce the second.

If the eggs are viable it should be about 40 days before the centre hears the patter of tiny penguin feet.

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