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Distinctive items stolen in Scarborough burglary

Two silver candelabras,

Police investigating a house burglary in Scarborough have issued photos of some distinctive items which were stolen.

Antique clock

The house, in the old town area of Scarborough, was burgled while the owners were away between 9 and 12 March.

Two silver candle sticks with candle snuffers

Other stolen items include three silver baby rattles, a green marble chess set, ten silver napkin rings, six silver condiment pots, a digital camera and a silver corkscrew.

Seven cut crystal dressing table pots with silver tops

Detective Constable Jeremy Pratt of Scarborough CID, said: “The stolen goods are quite distinctive, in particular the clock, of which there are not many in circulation, particularly in the Scarborough area. As well as being distinctive, the items are also of great sentimental value to the owners."

'Depressed' penguins pick up after sunny spell

Penguins at Scarborough's Sea Life Centre hit the headlines last month when they were given a course of anti-depressants to cheer them up after several weeks of wet weather.

Now their owners have the best sign yet that spring has made the penguins happier - they have found a freshly-laid egg.

Breeding is a good sign of penguin pick me up Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

“Our prayers were finally answered and the arrival of spring has certainly worked its magic on our penguin family,” said Lyndsey Crawford, a supervisor at the centre.

“There is no surer sign that they are feeling chipper again than the resumption of breeding activity.”

The Humboldt penguins pairing up to breed Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

The egg was laid by a female called Pinky and is the first this spring, although there are signs that another female, called Piglet, may be about to produce the second.

If the eggs are viable it should be about 40 days before the centre hears the patter of tiny penguin feet.


Sea-life centre says its time to pick up their penguins

Resident penguins at Scarborough's Sea-life centre are being fed anti-depressents with their fish to cheer them up.

They have been diagnosed with depression - and believe it or not it's all down to our weather.

Penguins may be used to the cold, but it seems they really don't like the wind and rain they are been subjected to here this winter.

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Depressed penguins get a p-p-p-pick me up

Seabirds can be affected by wet-weather blues too…as staff at Scarborough Sea Life centre have discovered.

One of the down in the dumps penguins gets fed

The centre’s resident penguins are so cheesed off by the relentless rain and wind, they have all been put on a course of anti-depressants.

It is the first time the dozen Humboldt penguins have needed such medication since they were severely stressed by a break-in at the attraction almost three years ago.

The pills are cleverly disguised in the penguins favourite treat

“Humboldt’s in the wild on the coast of Peru and Chile can be subjected to some pretty wild extremes of weather,” said display curator Lyndsey Crawford.

“What they don’t get though is weeks of almost daily downpours and high winds,” she added.

“After the first week our birds were just a bit subdued, but after over a month now, they are thoroughly fed-up and miserable, much like the rest of us.”

These chaps are feeling blue because of the weather

"Misery can lower the body’s natural defences in penguins even more easily than in humans, and that is why the penguins have been prescribed ‘uppers’ to try and head off any more serious symptoms.

“They’re doing the trick so far, but we are all praying for the weather to change and at least a few successive days of sunshine to give the penguins the tonic they really need.

Appeal to find missing York man

Edward Machin did not arrive at work on Monday Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Edward Machin, 39, was reported missing on monday, 27 January, after he failed to turn up to work. He also missed a webchat he was due to make with a friend on saturday.

Police believe Mr Machin travelled by train to Scarborough on wednesday, 23 January, then caught a taxi to Bempton in Humberside.

He is described as white, 5ft 4in tall, of slim build with dark brown hair and blue-grey eyes. When he was last seen on CCTV at Scarborough railway station he was wearing a dark coloured jacket, a light coloured shirt, jeans and brown shoes.


Teenager missing from Scarborough

Missing 14 year old Chaenan Bertinelli Credit: North Yorkshire Police

A teenage girl has gone missing from Scarborough and is thought to be in London.

Officers believe 14 year old Chaenan Bertinelli may have travelled to the capital to visit relatives.

Chaenan is described as white, 5ft, 3in, with red hair and hazel eyes.

Missing 14 year old Chaenan Bertinelli Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Anyone who has any information is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 option 1

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