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Drummer Lee Rigby: Veterans salute the 'armed forces brotherhood'

The Sedgefield Village Veterans have gathered to pay tribute to Drummer Lee Rigby, who was murdered in Woolwich last week.

They have marked the deaths of each serviceman and woman killed in Afghanistan.

This was the first time they have honoured a soldier who has died in this country.

Speaking after the ceremony, David Hillerby said Lee Rigby's death was another reminder of the ties that unite all members of the armed forces:

County Durham veterans pay tribute to drummer Lee Rigby

Sedgefield Village Veterans gather for today's ceremony Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The murdered soldier Lee Rigby has been remembered by veterans in County Durham.

Lee Rigby was killed outside his barracks in Woolwich last week.

The Sedgefield Village Veterans have marked the deaths of each serviceman or woman who has died in recent overseas conflicts.

This is the first time they have bestowed the honour on a soldier killed in this country.


Ducks take residence in racecourse fence

The nest at fence six at Sedgefield race course Credit: Sedgefield racecourse

Races at Sedgefield racecourse in County Durham have been diverted to avoid fence six because of nesting ducks.

All chases on May 14th will omit the Roadside fence.

Nesting ducks have made fence six their home Credit: Sedgefield racecourse
Eggs protected by the nesting ducks at Sedgefield racecourse Credit: Sedgefield racecourse

North East runner escapes horror of Boston Marathon explosions

Ean Parsons of Sedgefield Harriers completed the Boston Marathon just before two bombs exploded Credit: Ean Parsons

Sedgefield Harrier Ean Parsons says he has had a lucky escape after completing the Boston Marathon just minutes before two bombs exploded at the finish line, killing two people and injuring many more.

53 year old Ean said, "There was a huge explosion and then 30 seconds later we heard a quieter one, but we were told it was actually bigger than the first. You think to yourself, 'Is it a gas explosion or is it a bomb?'

"As I was approaching the finish line, I remember thinking, 'I'll only be here once,' so I was taking in everything. I remember seeing all the people cheering on the grandstand.

"Then when I later watched the coverage on the television I saw the grandstand blown to bits. I can still remember the faces of the people who were sitting there just hours earlier."

Windfarm petition handed to Parliament

A County Durham MP is handing a petition to Parliament, opposing the growth of windfarms in the county.

Around 150 signatures have been collected from people living around the village of Wingate, where proposals for five turbines have ben put forward.

The Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson says his constituents are not 'nimbies'. He says the county already has a large number of windfarms and cannot cope with more.


Racing off at Sedgefield

Racing at Sedgefield race course today has been abandoned due to poor weather - it was due to be Cheltenham Festival Raceday.

The main bar will remain open with food, drink and betting services available. Racing can be watched on big screens.

The racecourse office can be contacted on: 01740 621925.

Firefighters from across the globe training near Darlington

Fire-fighters from around the world have travelled to the International Fire Training Centre near Darlington to use its facilities.

Training scenarios at the base include tackling blazes outside and inside aeroplanes, as well as a simulated helicopter crash.

People have travelled from Poland, Germany and Canada to use the site.

Dennis Perkins, the director of training, told ITV News about the training taking place at the centre near Tees Valley Airport.

Tony Blair: "I'll miss him very much"

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is among the mourners today at the funeral of his former parish Priest and long-time friend Father John Caden.

Father John Caden baptised all four of Mr Blair's children.

The funeral service took place at St. Edmunds Church in Sedgefield, in the former Prime Minister's constituency.

Mr Blair told ITV News that Father Caden was a great mentor.

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