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Beith to challenge Ministers over Thrunton fire

As the fire at the Blackwater North East carpet recycling plant at Thrunton continues to burn, Sir Alan Beith MP has secured a debate in Parliament to discuss the consequences.

The fire broke out in September 2013. It led to serious problems for people living nearby because the smoke was around for over five months.

“This fire should never have happened. Blackwater North East had been reported to the Environment Agency on numerous occasions for various breaches of its operating permit, including storing material for recycling outside the permitted area and in excess quantities.“The residents and the landowner have all had to put up with months of disruption and fears about the long-term effects of the smoke on their health, as well as the potential risk of contamination of the private water supply which the properties at Thrunton rely on."

– Sir Alan Beith

The main part of the fire was in carpet bales outside the buildings being used for storage and that part of the fire has now been extinguished. The fire inside the building, which has partially collapsed, continued to burn but with little smoke. It is under control.

“The landowner, Chris Blythe, has worked tirelessly to manage the fire and it is down to his efforts that the main part of the fire has been extinguished.“I will be challenging the Minister over the responsibility for cleaning up the site and action against the company responsible in view of the long history the recycling company had of not complying with operating conditions imposed by the Environment Agency.”

– Sir Alan Beith

MP celebrates 40 years

Sir Alan Beith MP, who has represented Berwick since 1973 Credit:

Sir Alan Beith is celebrating his 40th anniversary as MP for Berwick at a thank-you event for helpers and supporters, past and present. It takes place at the Northumberland Hall in Alnwick today. In November he will have represented the constituency of Berwick upon Tweed for 4 decades.


Berwick MP Sir Alan Beith to stand down in 2015

Sir Alan Beith MP, who has represented Berwick since 1973 Credit:

The Northumberland MP Sir Alan Beith has announced that he will stand down at the next election in 2015.

Sir Alan has represented the Berwick constituency since 1973, first as a Liberal and later as a Liberal Democrat.

By 2015, he will have been the MP for Berwick for 42 years.

He is the longest-serving Liberal Democrat MP, and the longest-serving Liberal MP since Lloyd George.

Sir Alan said he would continue to be a 'very active MP' until the 2015 election.

MP defends Treasury stance over A1 upgrade

The Berwick MP Sir Alan Beith has given a cautious welcome to the statement by Danny Alexander, despite the bitter disappointment for campaigners who had hoped for the dualling of the A1 in Northumberland.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury gave details of government spending on road and rail projects, but has ordered only a feasibility study for the A1 north of Newcastle.