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Fresh welcome passive smoke campaign

Fresh, the North East's regional office dedicated to tackling smoking, have welcomed the Government's latest campaign against passive smoking.

Director Ailsa Rutter said: "Smoking at the back door or winding down the window a little bit in your car just isn't enough to protect children from the really damaging effects of breathing in second-hand smoke.

"Eighty-five percent of second-hand smoke is invisible. It's odourless, it lingers for up to three hours and you really need very fast flowing air for it to come out of the car window."


Full Report: National No Smoking Day

Today is No Smoking Day and health experts are encouraging people to quit by highlighting the cost of cigarettes.

The anti-smoking charity FRESH says the average smoker would save £2500 a year by giving up.

Derek Athey from Darlington quit smoking last year and has since put the hundreds of pounds he saved on cigarettes toward helping him pass his HGV licence.

You can watch the full report from Jonny Blair below.

No Smoking Day in the North East: Derek's story

Events are taking place across the North East to mark No Smoking Day.

It is the 30th year that the day has been held and aims to help people stop smoking.

One of those who has been persuaded to stop is Derek Athey from Darlington.

He has put the hundreds of pounds he saved on cigarettes towards helping him pass his HGV licence and quit the habit a year ago when he was diagnosed with arterial disease in his legs, caused by his smoking.

"The advice is always to quit if you can"

The Northumberland Stop Smoking Service has warned that there are still many older smokers in the region putting their lives at risk, years after the smoking ban was introduced.

The warning comes as the Government released a hard-hitting advert which shows a tumour growing out of a cigarette.

The North East has seen the fastest rate of people quitting, but the service says more people need to follow suit.

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