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Weather: Your SNOW pictures

We have seen a burst of winter in the Border region today. Snow has settled over higher ground.

Here are some of your pictures:

Wintry on the Moors Credit: Tracey Laing
A snowy scene Credit: Tracey Laing
Wintry showers in Durham Credit: Nicci Wardell

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Sheep found alive under huge snow drift

The sheep had been buried under the snow for 11 days Credit: Stuart Mactier

A farmer from Galloway was shocked to find that one of his sheep was still alive after being buried under snow for 11 days.

Stuart Mactier from Mochrum, near Newton Stewart, managed to dig the ewe out from a deep snow drift.

The sheep, slowly emerging from the snow Credit: Stuart Mactier
Only the face of the ewe was visible Credit: Stuart Mactier

A couple of days later and the sheep is up and walking about, and enjoying eating again- after being starved for so long.

The sheep is now well enjoying some heat Credit: Stuart Mactier

Help for older people in extreme weather

Researchers from Durham University say organisations must work together to provide the best help to older people in extreme weather.

They say our ageing population is particularly vulnerable in snow, flooding and heat waves.

The Durham researchers carried out a three year study to find ways to better support older people at a time when it appears our weather patterns are becoming increasingly extreme.

They say responsibility for older people falls to everyone, from public and private sector organisations, to local communities and even households.

Their work comes as a nationwide programme is developed to ensure the country is more 'resilient' to extreme weather.

Watch Helen Ford's report here:

For more information on the Durham University research, follow this link:

Snowed Inn!

The Tan Hill Inn claims to be Britain's highest pub Credit: Tan Hill Inn

At least 6 people have had to stay longer than planned at a remote Yorkshire pub after weather conditions proved too difficult to leave.

The Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire claims to be the highest pub in Britain.

Drifting snow and high winds meant some guests arriving at the weekend had to stay overnight. Staff say spirits are high.

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