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Video flying through space shows how universe would look to Captain Kirk

On the day scientists in the United States announced they may have detected echoes of the Big Bang at the start of the universe, researchers in the UK showed off a unique image of the cosmos in more recent times.

The team from Durham University used data from telescopes and satellites to put together a detailed map of thousands of galaxies, which Dr Peder Norberg compared to the view Captain Kirk and his team in Star Trek would have from their flights around space:


Full Report: Durham student's science space experiment

A talented young scientist has won the chance to have an experiment she designed tested in space.

19-year-old Ioana Ciuca wants to learn more about how metals react in low gravity environments, and so her project will be strapped onto a rocket and launched from Sweden next March.

The young scientist now has a busy year ahead of her at Durham University preparing for the launch.

Watch the full report from Helen Pearson below.

Space shuttle pictures courtesy of NASA.