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York university professor: "there will be a cure for prostate cancer"

Prostate cancer has been under the microscope at the University of York for 25 years.

During that time Professor Maitland and his team have built a clearer picture of the disease. It's resulted in major advances in the understanding of its genetic make-up, how it can be detected and, crucially, how it can be treated.

Professor Maitland says while many men are currently told nothing can be done, he believes there will be a cure in the future.


Sir John Hall speaks about coping with life with cancer

Someone who has experienced the shock of being diagnosed with prostate cancer is the former Newcastle United chairman and the man behind the Metro Centre, businessman Sir John Hall.

Sir John spoke candidly to ITV News Tyne Tees at his family's estate about how he is coping with life as a cancer patient, the strength he gets from his wife Lady Mae and the importance of an early diagnosis.

Watch the full interview with Pam Royle here:

For more information visit Prostate Cancer UK.

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