Forging more than steel

It's hoped the decision by the Thai steel maker to come to the North East could encourage many more companies to do the same.

The blast furnace at sunset

First slabs of steel produced on Teesside

The first Teesside steel made in two years is expected to be ready today. The blast furnace was re-lit on Sunday, after being mothballed.

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First SSI steel shipment bound for Thailand

Steel being loaded at Tees Port Credit: ITV

Preparations are underway at Tees Port as the first slabs of steel from the newly re-opened SSI blast furnace are loaded up to be shipped to Thailand.

The first steel shipment produced at Teesside's SSI plant Credit: ITV

More than 48,000 tonnes of steel has been produced, with around $30 million (£18 million pounds) worth being loaded now.

Around 30 million dollars worth of steel in total is being shipped to Thailand Credit: ITV


Redcar steel production resumes

Workers look on as the first piece of steel is produced
Workers look on as the first piece of steel is produced Credit: ITV News

The first steel to be produced in Redcar for two years has left the production line.

Workers at the SSI site looked on as it made its way across the floor. The slab will be made into a permanent memorial to recognise the people who fought to reopen the steelworks.

The first shipment of steel is expected to leave Teesside in the next three weeks.

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