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Subsea industry "great for young people"

MPs, councillors and business leaders gathered in Newcastle this morning (May 22) to witness the opening of one of the world's biggest cable making machines.

The 'Vertical Helix Assembly Machine' makes sixty kilometre long tubes, so oil companies can reach the most remote parts of the sea.

Bruce Shepherd from Shepherd Offshore says Tyneside is proving to be at the forefront of the subsea industry and it is providing great opportunities for young people.

Steel firm brings 150 jobs and millions in investment

This machine is the only one of its type in the world. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

A giant steel tube maker has been opened on Tyneside, securing more than 150 jobs and millions of pounds of investment.

The 'Vertical Helix Assembly Machine' builds cables that are up to 60km long, and can extract oil from the bottom of the sea.

It is the only machine of its type in the world. The manufacturers had to build one of Europe's biggest single-storey buildings in Newcastle to accommodate it.

Businessmen at the launch said it helps continue the redevelopment of the Tyne, after the end of shipbuilding more than 20 years ago.


First SSI steel shipment bound for Thailand

Steel being loaded at Tees Port Credit: ITV

Preparations are underway at Tees Port as the first slabs of steel from the newly re-opened SSI blast furnace are loaded up to be shipped to Thailand.

The first steel shipment produced at Teesside's SSI plant Credit: ITV

More than 48,000 tonnes of steel has been produced, with around $30 million (£18 million pounds) worth being loaded now.

Around 30 million dollars worth of steel in total is being shipped to Thailand Credit: ITV
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