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Smokers encouraged to stub it out in October

England's eight million smokers are being encouraged to quit next month as October gets renamed Stoptober.

The campaign arrived in Sunderland today, September 20, in the form of a giant red wheel. It was being pushed by former 40-a-day smoker, Rory Coleman.

Since quitting 20 years ago, he has run nearly 800 marathons. Now he is running a marathon a day for 28 days to encourage others to give up.

Councillor: If you are thinking of giving up smoking, come and see us

"Giving up smoking is never going to be easy but it’s really heartening to think that around two thirds of the 275,000 people who took part in last year’s Stoptober campaign managed to stay quit.

“I think just that fact that you know so many other people are going to be going through the same struggles as you really will help. So I’d urge anyone who is thinking of giving up smoking to get themselves along to the roadshow on Market Square.”

– Councillor John Kelly, Sunderland City Council


Stoptober roadshow arrives in Sunderland

Campaigners pushing the wheel through Sunderland.
The Stoptober stand in Sunderland city centre. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

The national Stoptober roadshow has arrived in Market Square in Sunderland today, September 20.

The campaign is encouraging people to stop smoking in October. People can find out about support available to them from the Sunderland NHS Stop Smoking Service.