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Sue Sim makes complaint against Northumbria Police

West Yorkshire Police is looking into allegations made by former Northumbria Police Chief Constable Sue Sim who has made a complaint against the force she once ran.

Northumbria Police has not released details about the complaint but this statement has been issued:

"A complaint has been received from Mrs Sim which is being looked at independently by West Yorkshire Police. It would be inappropriate for Northumbria Police to make any comment while the matter is being investigated."

– Northumbria Police
Sue Sim

West Yorkshire Police released this comment:

"We have been approached by Northumbria Police to assist in an enquiry in relation to issues raised about Chief Constable Steve Ashman. The appropriate authority in relation to this is the Office of the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner. Any questions should be directed to them."

– West Yorkshire Police

"The complainant required that an outside force be asked to conduct an enquiry into her complaint. IPCC guidelines have been followed."

– Police and Crime Commissioner's Office


Northumbria's Chief Constable responds to 'devasting' budget cuts

The Chief Constable of Northumbria has promised not to cut the number of police on the beat, despite millions of pounds of new cutbacks.

The force most save £46 million by March 2017. The savings will include the loss of 430 jobs including at least 200 police officers.

Chief Constable Sue Sim described the cuts as 'devastating' but said they would not have an impact on the force's ability to fight crime. She spoke to Helen Ford: