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'Jeremy Corbyn not to blame for poor Remain campaign' say MPs

Two new shadow cabinet members have defended Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's involvement in the Remain campaign, saying his actions were anything but "half-hearted."

Pat Glass, MP for North West Durham, and Andy McDonald, MP for Middlesbrough spoke to our Political Correspondent Paul Brand following their appointments today.

Both have taken up roles in Labour's front bench team; Pat Glass as Shadow Education Secretary and Andy McDonald as Shadow Secretary of State for Transport.

Paul Brand asked them both 'Do you think Jeremy Corbyn put his whole heart into the EU Referendum Remain campaign?'

Pat Glass and Andy McDonald

So where next for the Labour party - in a region which holds many of its key seats?

We've been to Sedgefield - the former constituency of Tony Blair - which he served as MP, and during his time as Prime Minister.

But could the party achieve success, under Jeremy Corbyn? Our correspondent, Frances Read, has this report.


Sharon Hodgson MP resigns as Labour's Shadow Minister for Children

Sharon Hodgson, Labour MP for Washington and Sunderladn West Credit: PA images

Sharon Hodgson, the MP for Washington and Sunderland West, is now the fifth North East MP to resign from Labour's front bench team.


Darlington MP Jenny Chapman resigns from education team

Darlington MP Jenny Chapman is the latest MP to resign from Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet.

Jenny Chapman, MP for Darlington Credit: PA

The shadow minister for Early Years and Childcare posted a letter on her Facebook page explaining her decisions.

In it she says she 'admires' Mr Corbyn and shares his values, but says it has 'become clear' he cannot 'hold our Labour team together.' Credit: Facebook / Jenny Chapman

Dear Jeremy

I am resigning from my position on the education team today.

I admire you and share your values. My hope is that we can unite as a party around a leader with the same sense of social justice as yours, but with the ability to bring the country together at a time of deep division.

My constituents in Darlington have made it clear to me that they cannot support the Labour Party under your leadership. If we can't win in Darlington, we can't win the country. This matters more than anybody's political position.

My town is being battered by this heinous Tory government, and much as I've supported you, this weekend it's become clear that you can't hold our Labour team together. The uncomfortable truth is that Labour needs a leader who can reach out more widely."

– Darlington MP Jenny Chapman

Durham City MP Roberta Blackman-Woods resigns from the Labour shadow team

The Labour MP for Durham City Roberta Blackman-Woods has resigned from the Labour shadow team.

In her letter of resignation she said that she didn't believe the Labour Remain message about supporting a reformed EU was made effectively enough.

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham resigns from the Labour shadow team

The Labour MP for Stockton North Alex Cunningham has resigned as Shadow Minister for the Natural Environment.

In his resignation letter he said that he is not convinced the Labour party can win the next General Election with Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

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