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'It looks beautiful': Newcastle shoppers react to the new 12-sided pound coin

Say goodbye to the 'round pound' Credit: PA

Shoppers in the region got a glimpse of the new 12-sided £1 coin as it enters circulation today, and starts to edge out the old "round pound" after more than 30 years.

The treasury claims it's the hardest coin to fake in the world with built in security features - around one in thirty of the old coins are counterfeit.

Helen Pearson went to find out more and speak to locals for their views:



Online tributes paid to teenagers who died in cliff tragedy

The 17 year olds died in Saltburn on Friday night Credit: Cleveland Police

Tributes are being paid on social media to two teenage boys from East Cleveland who died in Saltburn on Friday night.

Alex Yeoman and Harry Watson were both 17.

Police were called to the scene at the foot of Huntcliff in Saltburn after reports that a body had been found there.

When they arrived they found the bodies of both boys.

The coastguard helicopter was called in and winched them onboard before flying to James Cook University Hospital.

News of the boys' death has shocked many who knew them and messages have been placed on Facebook in memory of the teenagers.

Police say the circumstances surrounding their deaths are not suspicious but are investigating exactly what happened.

They're appealing for anyone with information to contact them.

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