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First steel slabs ready to leave for Thailand

The first steel slabs created at the SSI plant on Teesside are ready to set sail to Thailand.

The 48 000 tonne consignment worth £18.5million has been loaded onto ships and will leave Teesport this morning.

The former Corus site in Redcar was mothballed more than two years ago, but in April the furnace was relit and the plant reopened.

Once the plant is at full capacity it will produce up to 400 slabs of steel a day

SSI steel ready to be shipped

The first slabs of steel from the newly re-opened SSI blast furnace are being loaded up ready to be shipped to Thailand. It's the latest milestone for the works on Teesside, which seemed doomed when it was mothballed two years ago.

Forty eight thousand tonnes of slabs worth around eighteen million pounds will leave this time but the next shipment is expected to break records.


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