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Heart girl Chloe - 'new heart is best Christmas gift'

Chloe Beaney, the 14-year-old girl who was given a new heart just over a fortnight ago, has given her first broadcast interview since she underwent the surgery.

Chloe, from Northumberland, was at the top of the transplant list before a donor heart was made available and she had the operation at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital at the end of November.

Speaking to ITV News Tyne Tees, as she continues her recovery in hospital, Chloe expressed her gratitude to the donor whose decision to sign up to the donor register has saved the 14 year old's life.

Watch Ruth Holliday's full report here:


Chloe doctor says her situation is 'critical'

Dr Richard Kirk, from Newcastle's Freeman Hospital, says Chloe needs a heart as soon as possible - and has urged people to sign up to the organ donor register.

Heart Transplant Chloe 'a fighter'

Teenager Chloe Beaney is awaiting a transplant. Her heart was weakened, say doctors, by leukaemia treatment as a child. After everything she's been through, Chloe's mum, Catriona, says she's still a fighter:

Teenager in need of new heart 'deteriorating'

Fourteen year old Chloe Beaney is in desperate need of a heart transplant - but a suitable organ hasn't yet been found. Currently in intensive care at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital, her mother say's the wait is agonising:

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