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Ethnic minority donors desperately needed

People from ethnic minorities are needed to sign the donor register. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

There is a desperate need for more people from ethnic minorities to sign the donor register.

Organ transplants are more likely to be successful if they are a close match.

But fewer than one per cent of people on the donor register are black and there are similar shortages in the Asian community.

It means more than one in four people die waiting for an organ. Asif Hasan, a surgeon at the Freeman Hospital, spoke to ITV News Tyne Tees:



Organ donation: The facts

On Transplant Week 2014, health care organisations are encouraging people to consider organ donation. They say by donating your organs, after you die, you help save and transform the lives of desperately ill people.

Fewer than 5000 people die every year in the UK in circumstances where they can become a donor and in the UK, three people die every day from a lack of donor organs.

In the North East:

  • One quarter of patients needing a transplant eventually die because of a lack of donor organs
  • More than 30 people have died due to the shortage of organs in the last year
  • There are currently more than 300 people in the North East waiting for a transplant
  • There is a need for more people from Black and Asian communities to join. On average only a third of people from these communities give permission
  • You can join the register and tell your family your wishes
  • You can also become a donor when registering for a driving licence or at a GP surgery
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