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Limited edition Snowdog Metro tickets available

Tyne and Wear Metro has revealed a number of special ticket options to help people as they visit the array of Great North Snowdogs.

Snowdog Pop card Credit: Nexus

The limited edition Snowdog Pop Pay As You Go card costs £13.50 and comes with a £10 balance already loaded on so you can start making journeys straightaway.


Metro ticket machines now accepting new £5 notes

The new £5 notes are being accepted at all Metro ticket machines.

Some passengers reported problems with getting the notes accepted when they were first issues.

The ticket machines have now being upgraded though and Nexus who run the Tyne and Wear Metro say there should be no more problems.

Brexit three months on: How would you vote now?

The EU flag flutters in front of Big Ben Credit: PA

On June 23 the country went to the polls to take part in the EU Referendum.

By the morning the political landscape had completely changed with 51.9% of voters opting for Brexit.

Three months on, how do you feel about Brexit? If you could vote again would you still be leave or still remain?

Take part in our poll and let us know.

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