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Group cut off by tide at Tynemouth

A man, woman and child have been rescued from rocks after becoming cut off by the tide.

A group of six people were spotted on rocks knows as 'Bears Back' between Cullercoats Bay and Tynemouth Long Sands. Three of the group, believed to be teenage girls, waded through 15 metres of water back to the beach. The RNLI Lifeboat rescued the man, woman and child, along with two dogs, from the rocks.

The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, which responded to the call on the land, is warning people of the dangers of wading back to shore because of hidden currents. The Brigade recommends if people become cut off by the tide they dial 999 and take advice from the Coastguard.

Men 'force way into home and demand car keys'

Two men allegedly stole a car from a residential street in Newcastle after forcing their way into a home and demanding the car keys.

Police said they then drove away in the Ford Focus, which had been parked on Kirkston Avenue in Lemington.

It happened at about 9:45pm on Friday, 23rd January. Police officers found the car a short distance away and arrested one man on suspicion of burglary.

Northumbria Police is now appealing for any witnesses to what happened and to locate the second man.

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