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Tyne and Wear Metro part closure due to broken down train

There is no service on the Tyne and Wear Metro between Park Lane and South Hylton due to a broken down train.


Jingle bells to be distributed for bags to deter thieves

Jingle bells are going to be distributed as a way of deterring thieves over Christmas and the New Year.

Bells to be distributed for handbags to deter thieves Credit: Eamonn and James Clarke/Eamonn and James Clarke/PA Images

Bells will be distributed to shoppers to attach to their bags, giving them an audible warning if someone tries to remove the bag or its contents from them.

You can pick up jingle bells from the following places:

  • Sainsbury's in Guisborough on December 5
  • The Post Office in WH Smith's, Cleveland Centre, in Middlesbrough on December 12
  • Local charity shops across Cleveland

“It is important that people are aware of their surroundings at all times, especially at this time of year when thieves may be out targeting those doing their Christmas shopping. Purse bells make it easier to know when you’re being targeted by a thief and they are a useful tool in helping to prevent people from becoming victims.

I would also urge shoppers to ensure that their belongings are safe and secure, that bags are zipped up and that when shopping is left in cars, there are no shopping bags left on view, store them away in the boot.”

– Steve Cranston, Crime Prevention and Architectural Liaison Officer

Leaflets with crime prevention advice for the festive period will also be handed out, offering seasonal advice.


Big delays on the A1 on Tyneside

Traffic Credit: PA

Many motorists are experiencing long delays on the A1 on Tuesday, especially on the approach to Tyneside.

The Highways Agency says the problems are being caused by larger-than-usual volumes of traffic.

There has also been two minor collisions, which have contributed to the hold-ups.

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