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Tyne Tunnel contraflow reminder

Motorists are being reminded that a partial closure of the Tyne Tunnels continues until 4pm today (Sunday 31st January).

The northbound tunnel is completely shut. As a result, traffic approaching from both directions is being directed through the southbound tunnel, using a contra-flow system.

The move is to allow a training exercise to take place, with essential maintenance carried out at the same time.


Reunited bikers take to the road after 30 years

David and Carl now ride trikes after being paralysed 30 years ago Credit:

Two bikers who met in hospital when they'd been paralysed in accidents 30 years ago have been reunited and taken to the road again.

David and Carl Credit:

David Burdus, 52, from Corbridge and Carl Brunning, 49, from North Ferriby in East Yorkshire drove through the Tyne Tunnel on specially designed trikes. The pair had dreamt of taking a road trip when they were in hospital but lost touch after they were discharged.

Bikers escorted David and Carl through the tunnel Credit:


Cassidy wins TT2K

Canadian wheelchair sprinter Josh Cassidy has won his fourth Tyne Tunnel 2K race.

The 27-year-old's time is 4.40.2. He won the event in 2008, 2010, and 2011. This is his third victory in a row.

"There's no other race like this in the world. Boston - the marathon - has some really long uphills and really long downhills, but there's no just short, 2K, under a river, sprint like this."

– Josh Cassidy, speaking before the race


Advance Warning - A19 Tyne Tunnel closed in both directions due to Royal Visit between A187 (Jarrow) and A185 (Willington)

Part of The Queen's Jubilee tour. Both the North and Southbound tunnels will be closed for around 15 minutes, at some point between 9.30 and 11:30. Lorries and other large vehicles should not use the tunnel after 09:30, and use one of the bridges instead.From 9:30 until 11:30 on 18th July.