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South Tyneside Mayor goes overboard in lifeboat demonstration

Getting ready: Councillor Gibson before the plunge. Credit: Tynemouth RNLI
Going overboard: Councillor Gibson jumping off. Credit: Tynemouth RNLI
Councillor Gibson hitting the water. Credit: Tynemouth RNLI
Councillor making a splash. Credit: Tynemouth RNLI
Bobbing along: Councillor Gibson said he was happy to jump in twice. Credit: Tynemouth RNLI
Drying off: Councillor Gibson after the lifeboat exercise. Credit: Tynemouth RNLI

The Mayor of South Tyneside, Councillor Ernest Gibson, jumped overboard near South Shields this weekend as part of a lifeboat demonstration.

The crew of the Spirit of Northumberland lifeboat then managed to successfully retrieve him in yesterday’s exercise.

Adrian Don, a spokesman for the Tynemouth RNLI, said: “Councillor Gibson appeared to enjoy every minute of the experience and even volunteered to jump in to the sea for a second time, to be recovered by the crew of our inshore lifeboat, before being returned to dry land.”

Investigation after body recovered from sea

RNLI recover body from Tyne Credit: RNLI

Police on Tyneside are investigating after a woman's body was recovered from the sea in South Shields.

The alarm was raised by the Coastguard at 12:37pm on Wednesday, January 22.

Police want anyone who may have seen a woman near to the edge of the South Tyne pier to contact them.

RNLI recover body close to Tyne piers

RNLI recover body from Tyne Credit: RNLI

The body of a woman has been pulled from the sea close to the Tyne piers.

Tynemouth RNLI were called out at about 12.30 on Wednesday afternoon after a member of the public contacted the coastguard to say they had seen a body in the River Tyne close to South Shields pier.

Body winched to rescue helicopter Credit: RNLI

A rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer winched the body, thought to be that of a woman in her 40s, from the lifeboat and took it to Newcastle's RVI hospital. Adrian Don, spokesman for Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat, said: "Our volunteer crew pulled a female casualty from the water.

RNLI recover body at sea close to Tyne piers Credit: RNLI

"The crew started first aid although she was unfortunately showing no signs of life.

"The casualty was winched onboard the RAF helicopter where the winchman, a trained paramedic, would have continued first aid until she was passed into the care of hospital medics."