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Car rescued from Tynemouth Longsands

The Tynemouth Longsands Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/PA Images

Tynemouth Lifeboat Brigade were called out last night (Saturday 5th August) to a car that was stuck in the sand at the north end of Tynemouth Long Sands.

No one was in danger but it took specialist vehicle recovery equipment to free the car and pull it back onto the ramp near The View restaurant.

Once the vehicle was safely on the entrance ramp, the owner of the vehicle made a donation towards the rescue team and thanked them for their help.

No one was hurt in the incident.


Lifeboat call-out for kayaker in Cullercoats

An RNLI inshore lifeboat crew was called to an emergency just off the North Tyneside coast when a person using a kayak - a kind of canoe - was reported to be in difficulty in the water.

Tynemouth RNLI at Cullercoats on Sunday. Credit: ITV News

The emergency was reported to be taking place at Cullercoats, North Tyneside, and a crew from Tynemouth RNLI responded.

A spokesman for the Coastguard service said that the kayaker managed to make his own way ashore.


Tynemouth Pool pledges hit £300k

Public pledges to help restore the outdoor pool in Tynemouth have surpassed £300,000.

The Friends of Outdoor Pool confirmed they're thrilled with this figure as they strive to hit £500,000. They're planning on launching a community share scheme early next year to help fund the development at Longsands Beach.

Members of the public were asked to register their interest so the group had an idea of how much could be raised. Within three weeks, pledges shot above a quarter of a million pounds.

What the pool could look like

Police search for Tynemouth Bonfire Night rapist

The Arcade, Front Street, Tynemouth Credit: ITV News

Police are investigating the rape of a woman, aged 21, in Tynemouth on Bonfire Night, November 5.

The victim has only recently felt able to come forward and report the crime.

The woman was standing outside Lola Jeans bar, The Arcade, Front Street in Tynemouth when she was approached by a man she did not know.

He asked her for a cigarette and when she opened her handbag he grabbed some cash from it and ran off.

The woman went after him and, when they were on Bath Terrace, managed to take the money back and started to walk away from him. He then grabbed her from behind and raped her.

She managed to fight back and bit him on the face, before he made off.

Bath Terrace, Tynemouth Credit: ITV News

"I'd ask anyone who was out in Tynemouth that night to think if they could have seen this man.
Or if they were in the area near to the bar and may have seen or heard anything suspicious which might be able to help detectives. This woman managed to bite her attacker on the face, his cheek, which she believes would have left a mark. Think back do you remember seeing a man you know who fits this description who suddenly had a mark on his face just after Bonfire Night? If so and if you have any information about that night, then please come forward and speak to officers. We have specially trained officers supporting the victim and her family and we are working with her and her family to offer them all the support they need. We have extra officers on duty in this area this weekend, they are stopping and speaking to people, including potentially vulnerable women and advising them to stick with their friends or family while on a night out and to make sure they have arranged to get home safe."

– Det Insp Sharon Chatterton, Northumbria Police

The description of the rapist is as follows:

  • 5 feet 8" tall
  • aged 22 - 25
  • blue eyes
  • ginger coloured bushy beard
  • He wore a dark coloured knitted cardigan with the hood up

Body of seaman recovered after ship fall

The body of a young seaman, a Ukraine national, has been recovered and taken to North Shields.

Northumbria Police received a report from the coastguard about the death of a man on a ship close to Tynemouth at 3.30pm on October 20.

The body was recovered on October 21.

It's believed he fell from a height onto the deck of the ship and sustained fatal injuries.

His family in the Ukraine have been informed of the death.

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