Live updates

Walkergate Metro refurbishment complete

A major refurbishment at Walkergate Metro station in Newcastle has been completed. The project, by Nexus, includes the station's first passenger lift.

The improvements also include double height hand rails, anti-slip surfacing, new seating and lighting.

The work has been carried out as part of an 11 year Government-funded project totalling £389m.

“Improving accessibility is at the heart of our Metro station refurbishment programme.

“The station has been given a much brighter, more modern feel, in line with other station renewal projects on the Metro system.”

“Walkergate Metro station runs along the route of the former Newcastle to North Shields railway, which this year marked its 175th anniversary."

– Director of Finance and Resources for Nexus, John Fenwick

Walkergate young writers' plays performed for first time

Six young writers who have penned their own plays will have them performed by Live Theatre today.

The 13 and 14-year-olds, from Benfield High School in Walkergate, have been working with Live Theatre in a year long writing programme which gives teenagers a voice through theatre.

The playwrights are then supported by professional 'dramaturgs' to produce short plays which will be performed for the first time today.

"From thriller to comedy, love story to action adventure, these plays by the six young writers are varied and insightful.

"We are delighted to be working with Benfield High School on this year long project which demonstrates Live Theatre's commitment to developing and nurturing new writing in the region."

– Phil Hoffman, Drama Worker at Live Theatre

The plays to be performed today include:

  • 'Cold Tea' by Emma Cockburn
  • 'You're My Inspiration' by Ellen Davidson
  • 'Ready for Service' by Callum Dyer
  • 'High Level Decisions' by Meg Henry Cross
  • 'Wire Murder' by Robyn Merrilees
  • 'Hunter' by Molly Toward

"This has been a fantastic collaboration. The pupils involved found the whole experience inspiring, thought-provoking and enjoyable.

"It has been an unforgettable project which has also improved the quality of their creative writing skills in the classroom."

– Mandy Tudor, Head of English at Benfield School

"I loved working with the dramaturg because she was a writer of mystery stories too.

"It was great to see my writing develop from the initial first ideas into a complete script."

– Robyn Merrilees