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EXCLUSIVE: Files show police did not investigate a serious allegation while they were looking into the serial rapist Wayne Scott

Serious allegations have been made about how Cleveland Police investigated a sexual predator in its own force.

In November, the former police officer Wayne Scott was convicted of raping two women and sexually assaulting a child while off duty.

But the police believe there were 11 victims in total - some of whom he attacked while working.

The force told us there were no grounds to suspend Scott any sooner than they did.

But documents passed to Tyne Tees show that as long as four years ago, Cleveland knew of several allegations against him.

They also knew he had trawled the police's intelligence database to find personal details of women across Teesside, with no legitimate reason.


EXCLUSIVE: Sexual predator within Cleveland police trawled intelligence for women’s details

Wayne Scott. Credit: Police handout

Rapist police officer Wayne Scott trawled Cleveland police intelligence systems to find personal details of 31 women in the North East, ITV News Tyne Tees has learned.

Documents handed to ITV news show that Cleveland Police investigated PC Scott in 2010 for his use of computers - three years before he was convicted of raping two women and sexually assaulting a child.

But Cleveland Police only spoke to three of those 31 women before they stopped looking into Scott's sexual behaviour.

The files reveal serious allegations that the police failed to investigate Wayne Scott properly.

Cleveland Police say they have since reinvestigated, and have found no evidence that Scott went on to attack any of the women he searched for.

More to follow.

Full report: Rapist Wayne Scott sentenced

A former Cleveland Police Officer has been sentenced to 19 years for raping two women and sexually assaulting a child.

Wayne Scott attacked one of his victims seven times over many years, while he was off duty.

Police now believe he attacked as many as 11 people in total both on and off duty, including raping one child in the back of his police van. Our correspondent Dan Ashby reports.