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Council confirm changes to Olympics security

Newcastle City Council say St James' Park would have experienced security issues during the Olympics because "not enough staff" would have turned up under former supplier G4S.

It was announced today that LOCOG had been forced to contract local security companies to fill the shortfall created by G4S. As a result, up to 500 security staff from the North East will now be employed at the stadium from July 26 to August 4.

Stephen Savage, Director of 2015 Operations at Newcastle City Council, said: "Late last week we were advised there would be a shortfall of security staff for St James' Park.

"They [LOCOG] had intelligence to suggest that not enough staff from G4S would turn up for the stadium to be safe.

"Up to 500 staff who have been procured locally, who'll be paid locally, will manage the stadium. They know the stadium - most of them. They've all worked in this environment before, and they're all absolutely approved by the security industry authority."

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