£5m fuel poverty project launched in Middlesbrough

A £5m fuel poverty scheme has launched in Middlesbrough with more than 1000 homes likely to benefit from energy efficiency measures which will be installed in properties across the town’s Gresham area.

The measures are designed to lower energy bills by up to £750 a year for each house.

As part of the GoWarm Gresham project, each property, including many previously set for demolition, will receive a combination of free measures, which could include external wall or cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, boiler replacements, new heating systems and controls and draught proofing.

The project is being funded primarily by E.ON via the Government-backed Community Energy Saving Programme, which targets households in areas of low income to improve energy efficiency standards and reduce fuel bills.

An additional £300,000 is also being provided by Middlesbrough Council.