Three arrested after vulnerable targeted in Byker thefts

Three people have been arrested following two incidents in the Byker area where vulnerable people were targeted by thieves.

In the first incident, 38-year-old Louise Wood entered an elderly man's home in Byker wall who is reliant on help from neighbours to get money from his account to pay his bills.

She then distracted him and stole his bank card before going to a cash machine nearby and withdrawing £250 with an accomplice.

Louise Wood was charged with theft and her co-accused, a 29-year-old man, was charged with handling stolen goods and theft.

In a second incident in April of this year, another vulnerable man in the Byker Wall had his Playstation console stolen from him by a 36-year-old man who was subsequently identified and charged with theft.

"It's disgusting to target the elderly or vulnerable in our neighbourhoods, who often rely on others for help in their daily lives. In these cases the victims were specifically targeted with offenders taking advantage of the trust placed in them.

"It will not be tolerated by ourselves or our partner agencies and anyone suspected of being involved in such crimes will be arrested and put before the courts to be dealt with."

– Dave Whelan, Byker Acting Neighbourhood Sergeant

"We will continue to work closely together with partners to put measures in place to protect the elderly and most vulnerable people and will take tough action against anyone committing crimes against them."

– Dave Whelan, Byker Acting Neighbourhood Sergeant