Former Cleveland Police chief allegations

Cleveland Police Authority have released more details about the alleged misconduct of former Chief Constable, Sean Price.

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Sean Price responds to Cleveland Police Authority

The former Chief Constable of Cleveland Police, Sean Price, has issued a statement in response to details released about alleged misconduct earlier today, November 15.

Mr Price denies any wrongdoing and says he is considering the "legal options".

"I refer to the Police Authorities recent release regarding the misconduct judgement against me, and further misconduct allegations I could have faced if still in office. I would wish to emphasise the following.

"I deny all of these allegations, and when interviewed provided a full explanation in relation to each of them.

"Had there been the opportunity for these matters to be properly examined by way of a hearing I would have sought to clear my name in relation to every allegation."

"It is important to note that when interviewed in June this year about these nineteen matters, I was assured by the Operation Sacristy investigation team that they did not regard any of the matters as criminal, and I was not interviewed under criminal caution.

"Indeed, since my arrest in August 2011 I have not been interviewed in relation to any criminal matters despite remaining on police bail.

"Finally I would like to stress once more that I deny any wrongdoing in the matters which led to my dismissal last month and am considering the legal options available to me.

– Sean Price, Response to Cleveland Police Authority release

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