Prisoners' votes up for discussion

Whether or not prisoners should have the vote is up for discussion today. The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Britain must remove its ban on prisoners voting by tomorrow.

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Proposals put forward for prisoners' right to vote

The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has outlined proposals for what should be done about prisoners' right to vote.

Under a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, Britain must remove its blanket ban on prisoners voting by tomorrow (November 23rd).

A special committee is being set up to consider the idea.

The three proposals put forward by the Justice Secretary are as follows:

  • Prisoners who have been sentenced for less than four years could have the right to vote

  • The right to vote could be limited to those serving prison sentences for six months or less

  • MPs could restate the current position - that is that no one serving time in prison has the right to vote

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