The world's smallest hen egg?

A B&B owner from Northumberland believes that he may have found the world's smallest hen egg.

Is this the world's smallest hen egg?

Paul Rae believes he's found the world's smallest hen egg Credit: PA

A Northumberland bed and breakfast owner who reckons he has found the world's smallest hen's egg has confessed he took it in his pocket to show his friends at the pub.

52-year-old Paul Rae from Humshaugh found the minuscule egg on Sunday morning alongside three normal-sized ones in his henhouse.

At the size of just a 20-pence coin, Paul Rae is hoping to get confirmation that his is the smallest egg, beating a previous claim which weighed 7.3g, as his is just 5g.

The egg is only just bigger than a 20 pence coin Credit: PA

The couple, who run a restaurant and bed and breakfast from Walwick Farm, have no idea which of their four Lohmann Brown hens laid the eggs-tremely small object.

"They have been laying normal eggs and then all of a sudden this tiny one came out. I have no idea about the reason.

It is a perfect egg with a lovely strong shell.

I don't carry it in my pocket now, it's wrapped in cotton wool at the minute."


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