'Revolutionary' cancer treatment

New equipment that could make it possible for doctors to kill tumours without surgery has been secured for Newcastle's Freeman Hospital.

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Cyber surgery to come to North East

Radiotherapy equipment which could revolutionise treatment for cancer patients in the North East and Cumbria has been secured for the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

The 'Cyber Surgery' is the first of its kind outside of London and will be housed in the Northern Centre for Cancer Care.

It is hoped that the equipment will dramatically improve cancer treatment by both improving the accuracy of radiotherapy and treating tumours that are currently inoperable.

The 'Cyber Surgery' procedure has been likened to removing a grape from the centre of an orange, without damaging the orange.

There is also the potential for a large number of cancers that would usually require long courses of radiotherapy to be treated in just one to three outpatient treatments.

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