Teesside soldiers pledge oath of allegiance

Young soldiers from Teesside have been pledging their allegiance to the Queen in a special ceremony held in Middlesbrough Town Hall.

The ceremony comes as the soldiers are about to head off to join their chosen regiments to begin their initial training in the forces.

The soldiers swore an oath of allegiance to the Queen in front of other army officers and their families during today's enlisting ceremony in Middlesbrough.

The recruits who were involved in the enlisting ceremony were:

  • Jordan Carling from Middlesbrough - The Yorkshire Regiment
  • Carl Metcalfe from Redcar - The Household Cavalry
  • Daniel Evans from Redcar - The Royal Signals
  • Adam Hooton from Ingelby Barwick - The Yorkshire Regiment
  • Liam Horner from Ingelby Barwick - The Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers
  • Duncan Roy from Northallerton - The Royal Engineers
  • Michael Hudson from Hartlepool - The Royal Engineers
  • Daniel Beales from Redcar - The Yorkshire Regiment
  • Jason Williams from Middlesbrough - The Royal Logistic Corps
  • Ryan Dransfield from Middlesbrough - The Yorkshire Regiment