Council arts cuts condemned

Newcastle council's proposal to cut 100% of its arts funding has been condemned by prominent artists and musicians in the arts community - including Sting, Lee Hall and Robson Green.

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Council responds to arts criticism

Newcastle City Council has responded to an open letter from members of the arts community who have called the proposed spending cuts, particularly to arts, "totally unnecessary".

The council said it recognises that some of its decisions are not palatable but it can only spend the resources it has.

"We face unpalatable decisions which we know are counterproductive and, in many cases, false economy but the council can only spend the resources that it has as it faces losing more than a third of its budget over the next three years.

The reason for a long-term approach is to be able to talk with cultural organisations to find alternative sources of funding, and we are having positive discussions with organisations across the city about what we need to do together."

– Newcastle City Council

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